13.1 CHICAGO Flag Tie Stretchy Running Bracelet


Show your love for running in Chicago with this unique Tie Stretchy 13.1 CHICAGO Flag Running Bracelet/Hair Tie. From running on the lakefront or thru the famous neighborhoods of Chicago with your friends the Chicago Half Marathon will forever be remembered with this original running bracelet design. It will get you inspired and keep you inspired! A 13.1 CHICAGO Flag Running Stretchy Bracelet/Hair Tie makes a great running gift. For yourself and your running partner!

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Our products give people that “race shirt or medal” feel and achievement that you can wear everyday!  At a glance you can have the motivation you need, and inspire others with your achievement.

Plate: Length 3.740cm x Width 1.155cm (1.472in x 0.454in) Thickness 1.95 mm (0.077 in) (Dimensions are approximate).