Jenifer Huber Maggio - Founder/CEO - ATHLETE INSPIRED Inc.


Wouldn't it be great if you could wear your race medal every day?  That feeling of accomplishment and goals achieved?  To be reminded of the hard work you put in, the training, to be reminded of the dedication?  That is how ATHLETE INSPIRED was born.  I started this company in 2013 to help men and women get inspired and stay inspired while they train and race.  I wanted something athletes could wear when their training and to wear casually everyday. I quickly found out my designs were also great conversation pieces.  When people would see me wear them they would ask "what does 26.2 mean?" and "what's TRI mean?" soon others were just as inspired as I was.  I found that at a glance you can have the motivation you need, AND inspire others with your achievement!
Our products are all ATHLETE INSPIRED original designs: Necklaces, Bracelets, Wristbands, Shoe Tags, & Accessories for women, men and youth. Perfect for the runner, walker, cyclist, triathlete, yogi or someone looking for a little extra inspiration.  ATHLETE INSPIRED products make the perfect training gift for yourself or training partner. GET INSPIRED, STAY INSPIRED...with ATHLETE INSPIRED!

Jenifer Huber Maggio - Founder/CEO/Athlete

Jenifer Huber Maggio - ATHLETE INSPIRED, Inc.