Boston - RUN BOSTON Blended Button Silk Wrap Bracelet

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Boston Marathon - RUN BOSTON Blended Button Silk Wrap Bracelet - ATHLETE INSPIRED Run Boston, Unicorn Inspired Motivational Jewelry, Gift for Boston Runner

Show your love for running in BOSTON with our unique RUN BOSTON Blended Button Silk Wrap Bracelet. From running on the famous streets of Boston or thru the incredible neighborhoods with your friends in a weekend 5k to the Boston Marathon or something in between our original ATHLETE INSPIRED Boston Products will get you inspired and keep you inspired! A RUN BOSTON Blue/Yellow Blended Button Wrap Bracelet makes a great running gift. For yourself and your running partner! See also the UNICORN INSPIRED Shoe Tag under shoe tags or other RUN BOSTON jewelry options.

This fun, beautiful wrap bracelet approx 40" long, knotted with a button end to fasten. The silk blend is hand dyed and adjustable to your wrist size. Wrap bracelet can be wrapped several times around wrist and adjusted where you knot the button for desired length.


Silk Ribbon: 42" long x 5/8" wide

• Ultra lite Stainless steel
• All original ATHLETE INSPIRED® cut out design tag
• Strong, won't bend
• clean lines, precise

Horizontal Plate: Length 3.740cm x Width 1.155cm (1.472in x 0.454in) Thickness 1.95 mm (0.077 in) (Dimensions are approximate)