BREATHE Blended Wrap Button Bracelet


Our BREATHE Wrap Blended Button Wrap Bracelet will keep you enlightened and boost your spirit with energy and inspiration. 

This bright, colorful blended wrap bracelet is approximately 38” long, knotted with a button end to fasten. Bracelet is hand dyed with a choice of 4 different color options:

Pink Blend: pink/orange/blue/purple

Black Blend: black/white/gray

Green Blend: green/lime//teal/blue

Blue Blend: light blue/dark blue

Bracelet includes 2 small stainless steel charms. One of a lotus and one an om, to keep you mindful along with the BREATHE stainless steel plate. Bracelet can be wrapped around wrist several times and adjusted with button loop design for placement to fit size desired.

Plate – Length 3.8cm x Width 1.15cm Thickness 1.95 mm (0.077 in) Weight – .85 grams (.029 ounces) (Dimensions are approximate.)