RUN BOSTON & 5K Shoe Tag Bundle


Show your love for running in BOSTON with this unique RUN BOSTON & 5K SHOE TAG BUNDLE. From running during the famous ONE BOSTON DAY or thru your own neighborhood of BOSTON with your friends in a weekend 5k or something in between our original shoe tag design will get you inspired and keep you inspired every time you lace up! A RUN BOSTON & 5K Shoe Tag bundle set makes a great running gift. For yourself and your running partner! See also the RUN BOSTON or UNICORN INSPIRED Tie Stretchy Bracelet/HairTie under running jewelry.

Our products give people that “race shirt or medal” feel and achievement that you can wear everyday!  At a glance you can have the motivation you need, and inspire others with your achievement.

RUN Boston Plate: Length 3.740cm x Width 1.155cm (1.472in x 0.454in) Thickness 1.95 mm (0.077 in) (Dimensions are approximate).