Inspirational - Ruffle Gray Ribbon Stretchy Bracelet -


Inspirational - Ruffle Gray Ribbon Stretchy Bracelet

Our Inspirational Ruffle Gray Ribbon Stretchy Bracelet is a simple reminder to those needing a little supportive reminder and inspiration. Send a positive message to a special person in your life a message of STRENGTH, COURAGE, BREATHE, DREAM, LIVE, INSPIRE, BELIEVE and HOPE with our simple lightweight powerful design. Elastic ribbon is stretchy and adjustable.  It's so comfortable you can wear it anywhere.  

STRENGTH, COURAGE, BREATHE, INSPIRE, DREAM, LIVE, BELIEVE and HOPE is the anchor of our spirit, it achieves the impossible.  It's the reminder to be optimistic, to be brave and never give up. It's about possibilities.

The ATHLETE INSPIRED ® SPIRIT Collection is a beautiful gift of inspirational jewelry and will give the encouragement, courage, and support you or a loved one needs.

This bracelet is a beautiful gift of inspirational jewelry and will give you the encouragement and courage that you can wear everyday. Interested in other inspirational items check out the entire SPIRIT Collection.

Stainless steel circle - word is cutout thru pendant.  Pendant size – Diameter 21.21 mm (0.835 in) Pendant – Thickness 1.95 mm (0.077 in) (size of a US nickel)

Stainless steel plate – STRENGTH, BREATHE, COURAGE & BELIEVE is cutout thru plate.  Plate Length 3.8cm x Width 1.15cm Thickness 1.95 mm (0.077 in) Weight – .85 grams (.029 ounces) (Dimensions are approximate.)